The burglars’ checklist: the key things they watch out for before robbing a house

It’s quite useful at times to see your home from a burglar’s point of view. This way, it will be easier to avoid getting robbed. Hereby we share some of the insider info coming from seasoned burglars as to what they avoid and what they look for.

Street traffic

if your street is a generally busy one your chances of getting robbed is lower. Unless burglars can find the way to get in elsewhere from instance targeting your backyard that’s not visible from the street. Burglars like to check traffic at all 3 key timeframes: morning, afternoon and night time.

Ignorant neighbours

if noone pays attention to a car slowly passing by it’s not good news for home owners. It’s always harder to rob houses which are located inside a good community or where these is an active neighbourhood watch system, where people look out for each other.

The forums about alarm systems

there are several forums about alarm systems sharing details about themselves and their safety systems. These are also countered by forums which talk about cracking the above mentioned alarm systems. Therefore the best you can do is to keep a good community and have the police phone number installed in your phone.

Pay attention to cutting back the trees on your property

trees can successfully hide people of bad will and people from the street. They can also effectively hide burglars who are just attempting to break in.

Motion sensing lights are effective at keeping burglars at bay

burglars do not like motion sensing lights

Get 5 minute -10 minute doors

these doors are the sort of doors already equipped with a complete lock system which have been specifically created to withstand violent attempt for breaking in up to 5 or up to 10 minutes. This may seem like a short time for you but in real, a proper burglar has 1-2 minutes max to break into a property (when its entry is at a visible place). They will mostly not tire themselves causing noise when trying to break through a steel door.

Put on fake cameras which look just like the real thing

these, paired up with some fake alarm stickers can usually keep burglars at bay. Bournemouth locksmith services or the 24hr emergency locksmith services in Bournemouth can also help you get a proper alarm system. Keep in mind that the majority of alarms are not directly connected to police system, this service costs an extra, which can be quite a hefty price. Yet the noise of the alarm may also keep burglars at bay.

Use deadbolt lock instead of a normal handle

deadbolts are difficult to open and to disentangle. A deadbolt that’s keyed both on the inside and on the outside is the most effective.

Leave a lamp on if you are often not at home at night, but timed lights are even better. Timed television sets are also very effective