5 key security measures to live by when you are socializing

We all love socializing and while some of us tend to go out more others prefer to stay in and invite people around. But if you have valuables you would prefer not to be stolen from you and you don’t want a Bournemouth locksmith service to change all your locks after burglary, there are a couple of basic security measures to live by, when socializing either online or offline.

When being out don’t disclose too much information

We, are especially keen on disclosing too much information way too soon about our financial status and valuables, which can easily catch the attention of those, who are not there to make friends, but to collect information on what to steel or rob from you. Remember, there are many people who are very poor and even more who want to get rich without doing much of work, no matter how they look like to the outside world. So, no matter how much you drink and how many new buddies you make, be extremely cautious on what you share with people who you’ve never met before. This is also true to such strangers who come with lesser known friends.

The area you live in can be telling

In most towns and cities, there are good neighbourhoods and bad neighbourhoods. This is especially key information for a possible intruder. By knowing the area or the street you live you will be made especially vulnerable for outside break-in attempts. Be vary of telling strangers where you live.

Be aware of what you share on social media

Social media is your biggest enemy especially if you are a sharer, who shares what they have, what they bought and how their place looks like. The majority of larger burglaries happen to those who have a friend’s friend who’s watching your profile with a growing interest on when to acquire what you have, for free. Do not share going on vacation or going out posts, unless there is someone who stays at your home for the duration of you being out. Otherwise you will be at risk of getting burgled.

Protect your valuables when people are visiting

Many people do not take into consideration that many people don’t have what they have. That’s why it’s always good not to brag about what you have and do not show off for people who you don’t know. When it’s party do close down one room and put your valuables there, hiding them away from hungry eyes. Staying low key is always key to now being exposed to a burglars’ group.

When you sense trouble

In case you realized you have made a mistake and someone was particularly interested listening to your stories and may know how to reach you, call a Bournemouth locksmith service to reinforce your locks and in case you have a larger amount of valuables either ask a Bournemouth locksmith to get you a safe that’s built-in into your flooring and it cannot be broken or alternatively rent a safe in your bank and put the majority of your jewellery, valuables there. This is also good for a long-term solution, after all, banks do not get burgled.