9 Useful tips on how to avoid burglary

Home and property insurance are all very useful to have, but these times there are so many loopholes and small letter parts which you need to consider and at the end of the day, when the worst happens and you end up getting robbed you may easily not get back any money from your insurance provider.

This is why a few useful tips can prove to be helpful when it comes to stopping your home from getting robbed.

  • Don’t grow large bushes by the windows where people could hide. Only keep hedges which are thorny as they can provide an extra security. Noone wants to meet those thorns.
  • The attractiveness of your home starts with the neighbourhood
  • If your home is in a richer neighbourhood, chances are, someone will try to break in sooner or later. Especially if your house looks eloquent, clean and elegant. When this is the situation we highly advise you to get cameras and a proper alarm system installed.
  • Leave a large pair of boots on the porch or by the entrance for them to be visible.
  • Have curtains or any sort of shades in front of the windows at all times and make them the least seethrough as possible. Although they are big and hard to carry, some burglars may be tempted by seeing a big screen HDTV.
  • When you are away on holidays have a close friend or family member move in or visit regularly. Full post boxes and newspapers uncollected are all telltale signs of someone not being at home for more than one day and that’s generally a call for the burglars to try to rob the house
  • Do not count on insurance companies all that much. If the break in doesn’t happen in form of an enforced act (broken door, broken locks, broken windows etc.) they will not pay much of anything for you. And even if the brake-in was forceful you may need to fulfil plenty of requirements to actually get paid.
  • Pay attention when there is storm or heavy rain as it effectively masks sounds and burglary use this to effectively break in into homes as noone is outside watching due to weather conditions.
  • Dogs are very effective in keeping burglars away. The key reason for that is that the effect is immediate. A large dog can cause quite a big harm if it wants to and no burglar wants to find himself in this situation. For burglaries to happen, what is essential is about 5 free minutes, not much more. It’s equally important for a burglar not to waste time, not to create any havoc that may call the attention of neighbours or the police.
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We hope you could learn a little bit or more from this guide and remember, just a little alertness may prevent you from getting robbed.