How to prepare your home for the holiday season

There are several things you can do, in order to lower the risks of your home being burgled during the summer holiday months which include the calling of a 24hr locksmith service Bournemouth to get your locks updated before you leave to other security measures good to keep. Let’s see what steps and precautions are worth taking before you start your much waited holidays, to ensure you not leave your home unattended.

Make sure your locks are on point

Locks are the key tools to provide safety to any home, so talk with a good Bournemouth locksmith service and call them around to get your home’s locking system checked and update it if necessary. Remember good locks also need good doors so make a change to your door if you see the time has come to apply heightened security measures.

Use your locks

It’s so obvious that people sometimes even tend to forget about it. You can have the best locks in the world, but if you leave a window open to provide a direct, especially unprotected and easy-to-access window or door open, then you will essentially provide a free entryway for burglars to enter in your home. Most burglaries occur unplanned as opportunistic acts, to homes where windows or doors remain visibly open.

If you have many valuables install an alarm system

Alarm systems, especially if they are connected with the closest police station can prove to be some of the most effective ways of protection. Also, the presence of cameras and the additional alarm system warnings can already work as burglar repellents and would effectively keep burglars away.

Take your valuables out of your home

If you are travelling for a longer period of time and have no family or friends check on your apartment every few days, the best way to provide 100% protection for your most valued objects or money is to take it to a bank’s safe and leave them there until you return. Most banks provide safes for their clients for a monthly fee, so opting for one can still prove to be the most effective way to ensure protection.

Do a good home insurance

Home insurance can very well work especially in you feel you might be at risk of being robbed. Also, as an additional security measure, insurance can also make you update your home’s old lock systems as most insurance companies would send out an inspector who would let you know of their minimum expectations on the home being burglar-proof as much as possible.

Apply basic security measures

Before you opt for an insurance read through the conditions well. There are companies who would not pay you unless, there is a clear, visible evidence of a break-in. This means, if you leave your window open for a burglar to climb through, you will not get any money back from the insurance company either.

Last but not least, the best way to protect your home is to ask a trusted family member to check on your home every other day.